Friday, May 14, 2010

A Special Post For A Special Lady (For Sam)

Tomorrow me and my wife, Samantha, will have been married for six years.  In honour of our anniversary I would like to take a break from my story and random posts about the world of raw food and dedicate this post to my best friend and partner, my wife, Samantha.

She has no idea I'm doing this and so I feel I should start by making a confession. The post you are reading will be without the careful, painstakingly, and meticulous editing of my chief editor.  Sam, has read,corrected and edited every word I have ever wrote in my posts, so if you notice a couple of run-on sentences, miss placed commas, and not to meantion, a complete lack of focus; you now know why.

How can I even to begin summing up a woman who has been more than a partner, lover, and friend, in just a few words? Her companionship has been unwavering through even the roughest times. Even when I lead us down a paths that wasted time and brought nothing but pain, she stuck it out and helped me to learn. In my life she is the rock that keeps me well planted with two feet on the ground, while still encouraging my most crazy and ambitious dreams.

She told me I was "hot" even when I was nearly 400 lbs. always making me feel wanted and needed.  She stuck it out with me through every failed dieting attempt, encouraging me all the way, and had grace when I finally found a lifestyle that worked in raw foods, even though to her, an amazing cook (and I'm not just saying that, she really is AMAZING at cooking ), me eating raw was like a stab in the heart.

She's my best friend who can brighten even the worst days with a single look.  She makes me laugh, chuckle, and blush. She knows how to get under my skin and how to settle me down. She is the greatest mother I have ever seen.  The way she is with our daughters humbles me.  I am in awe of how she makes it look effortless.  She is the kind of woman I want my daughters grow to be.

In her I have found an equal. We sharpen each other learning and growing from each other. She holds me to my own standard, always knowing when I try to fake my way through things and she doesn’t have to say anything; she just smiles and I know. She is my mirror, showing me the good, the bad and the ugly, without judgement or condemnation.

Six years have flown by, and it is so easy to be distracted by everyday life. I haven't always been the most attentive husband. I'm easily distracted and get caught up in "the moment" and focus so much on the tasks at hand that I have often neglected the woman who means the world to me. She really is the love of my life and continues to surprise, inspire, and humble me with her love and her actions.  She is a woman worthy of praise, especially from me, who has been so damn lucky to have shared the greatest six years of my life with her: the woman of my dreams.

I love you, Samantha Rose. Happy Anniversary!


  1. Hey,
    Happy Anniversary.
    Came across your blog this afternoon. Congrats on the weight loss and thank you for taking the time to write your story. I'm sure many find you inspiring.