Thursday, May 13, 2010


I need your help! I’m thinking of answering questions from all of you out there, for a future post. If you have any questions for me I’d love to hear them, and answer them. You can email me at Nothing is off topic and I mean NOTHING! Fire away! I promise I’ll get to it!


  1. Hey Eric. I love you blog so far! I am a vegetarian, who eats vegan most of the time and like you I just jumped right into it one day and was later shocked by how agribusinesses work.

    So my question concerns your training for a marathon. I was wondering if you used any specific tools to train (running watches, hrm, training logs)? I have just started running and can now run 4 miles and would like to run a half marathon one day!

    Thank you for sharing your story!


  2. Thanks for the questions and the encouragement, Dee! I will for sure answer in full in my Q & A post :-) Until then, keep running!

  3. Hey Eric! I have a few Q's for you.
    1. What changes, if any, have you noticed with your immune system since going raw?
    2. Could you link to some of your favourite online raw resources? (for recipes and otherwise)
    3. Out of curiosity, what are the 3 regions of the 3 Region Blend?

  4. 3 Regions
    - Gross
    - Bland
    - Icky

  5. My question is how are you raising your children to eat? Do they eat vegan, vegetarian or omnivore?